They will not go gently into the night, they are the night.
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A 15-centimetre tall green glass vessel could date from the witch hunts of the 18th century when bottles were filled with fingernails, hair and urine possessing spell-stopping capabilities, according to archaeologists digging at a Grade II-listed Georgian building in Newark.

Evil spells were…

the starry sky on the himalayas


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a galaxy in your mind

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Bearded Vulture is the Alps largest bird and one of the rarest raptors in Europe. Probably no other raptor has made such a deep impression on people, as is shown by the numerous fables and legends concerning it.

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Just a drabble and it is open to anyone of any universe or character.

The new era. The dawn. The next chapter. There were many words for times of change, but her people had one…new moon.

Neoma’s hands were on the book. She had closed it quickly and the dust from the sudden movement still danced in the air around her body. She stared down at the book for a long moment, the words running through her head. She wasn’t worried about anyone discovering her. She was in the oldest part of the library, having been given access being of the dragon clan. Ancient secrets were their domain as was war…and no one got in the way of the dragon clan.

With her family gone and no one to trust, Neoma’s life had only one path, her people. A deadly snake with a selfless heart, she was a jewel of the Svartálfar that no one knew about. She also had a sharp mind and curiosity and a strange pull to her ancestors. Now, that curiosity and the pull had drawn her to this book.

Though she knew little of magic, she understood what she just read firmly. She took a deep breath and very calmly put the book back in it’s proper slot before calmly leaving the library. How foolish had they been to leave that book there.

She gathered what essentials she needed and slipped out of the palace, heading through the crystal caverns to a long forgotten place. The map she had copied from the book on her tablet. The words of the book ran through her mind as she traveled.

They were beings of pure darkness, darkness was their domain. In order for the universe to keep in balance, Asgard and they would always be at war. For life to exist, it needed the light of the stars and the stillness of the abyss. But…they could still regain all they had lost and have Asgard at it’s knees and the universe would still be in balance.

When she finally came up to the door with strange runes, she looked around her, but no one was near. A long forgotten book was all the remained of the memory, and why wasting time protecting something no one believed in anymore?

Neoma ran her fingers on one of the runes then dropped her pack and smiled, pulling out her crystal dagger. Speaking in the oldest dialect of her people she knew, she cut her hand and said aloud, “Ancestors, return to us, ancestors hear my calls, the light subjugates us, the light has bound us and we are on our knees…the elders forget. But I now know, I now remember. Come to us again, restore our people, bring back the darkness.” Neoma put her bloodied hand on the door and felt a small vibration. The blood of the ancient dragon clan pumped through her and it was enough. She heard a sound like something moving that hadn’t in ages. She watched as the door open slowly, revealing deep blackness beyond.